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132 multifandom icons

Teen Wolf [41], Orphan Black [18], Parks and Recreation [16], Once Upon a Time [12], LOST [10], Pacific Rim [10], Doctor Who [6], Supernatural [4], Buffy the Vampire Slayer [3], Free! [2], Misfits [2], Arrow, Game of Thrones, The Matrix, My Neighbor Totoro, Pride & Prejudice, Project Runway, Sense8, Star Trek [1 each]

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movies included in this pack:
13 going on 30/17 again/avatar/beautiful creatures/beetlejuice/blade/carrie
cinderella/dark shadows/divergent/fantastic four/hansel & gretel:witch hunters
harry potter/lord of the rings/maleficent/+marvel/mean girls/narnia
now you see me/orphan/oz the great and powerful/pitch perfect/percy jackson
snow white and the huntsman/the fault in our stars/the addams family
the hangover/the heat/the hunger games (cf)/the internship/the matrix/the mummy
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24 Gossip Girl
9 13 Going On 30
8 Misc (Back to the Future, 10 Things I Hate About You, Enchanted)
8 The Office
6 The Sixth Sense
5 The Matrix
4 Closer

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