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49 icons (Alphas + Other)

I'm afraid to talk... you're all so quiet. o.o Is it allowed?

...Though I'm a LJ noob (for example: what's a "fake cut"?), I was pulled here by the Alphas fandom! So, I present to you: numerous Alphas icons (including a crappy "set" + alternates made when I was bored), plus random others that I found in the back of my Photobucket account. I'm new to iconmaking, but am liking it so far. =)

(Oh. The Alphas icons were also posted, in two batches, to alphas_syfy. That's what you call "crossposting" correct?)

[39] Alphas
[1] Star Wars
[2] Dragon Age: Origins
[3] Legend of Zelda
[4] FF7: Advent Children
[2] Nine Inch Nails

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