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Various fandom icons - mostly from icontests, with a few extras and alts from other batches
(21 Jump Street x1 // Atonement x2 // The Avengers x1 // Back to the Future X2 // Captain America x1 // The Carrie Diaries x2 // Catching Fire x1 // Dirty Dancing x2 // Die Hard x1 // Ever After x1 // Elementary x1 // Ghost World x1 // Gossip Girl x2 // Grease x1 // The Great Gatsby x1 // Harry Potter x1 // Indiana Jones x1 // The Lion King x1 // Love Actually x10 // Lord of the Rings x3 // The Maltese Falcon x8 // Misery x1 // Monsters Inc. x1 // My Fair Lady x1 // Nikita x1 // Once Upon A Time x11 // Percy Jackson and the Olympians x1 // Spartacus x2 // Supernatural x3 // Sweeney Todd x1 // Tangled x1 // Top Secret x1 // The Tudors x2 // The Vampire Diaries x4 // West Side Story x8 // The Wizard of Oz x1)

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Neve {greenish}

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A lot of stuff.

People {Maggie Gyllenhaal, Christina Hendricks, Drew Barrymore, Michelle Williams, Jessica Lowndes, Gillian Zinser}, Movies {Narnia, Disney, Harry Potter}, TV {L-Word, Leverage}.

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22 Supernatural Cast
72 Supernatural
53 Fandom Grab Bag (Robin Hood & Sanctuary & The King's Speech & Back to the Future & Toy Story & Psych & Richard Ayoade & p!nk & Heart & Doctor Who & Casanova & Stock & Battlestar Galactica & SG-1 & Dirty Jobs & Kate Winslet & Daniel Dae Kim)
147 icons, total

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The All-American Rejects, Metric,
Alias, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Community, Doctor Who, Firefly, Fringe, Lost, Primeval, Legend of the Seeker, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Wonderfalls,
Back to the Future

( the little things )

There are also some animated icons in there, check out tinymovies if you have some to share :)