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Fandom Icons

Icons for all your different fandom needs

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Icons for all your different fandom needs.

No icons? Don't post.

Please, four teaser icons only.

Wallpapers, banners or any other kind of graphic media for teasers are not allowed. This is an icon community. Pimp your icons.

Please tag your posts.

Anything TV, book or movie related falls under 'fandom'. Stock images do not belong in this community. This a fandom icons community, stock images are not fandom related.

If you post your icons in a friends only journal, please make note of it in your entry here.

Absolutely no pimping allowed. This community is only about sharing your fandom icons.

Put spoiler icons under an LJ cut, do not include them in your teasers. Not everyone lives in the country where your show or movie was released first. If people complain about having been spoiled, your post might be deleted without warning.

Why did we delete your post? The best answer is you broke one of the rules stated above. But why DELETE the post I could have fixed it? It is so much easier on everyone. We don't have to go back 24 hours later and warn again if the post hasn't been changed and then delete it. It also keeps people from being confused when they see a rule being broken and just don't realize it's not allowed in this community. This way, we let you know what's going on and you're more than welcome to repost.

If anyone has a problem with anything posted to this community, let me (gwyntastic) know.

This community also exists at Dreamwidth: fandom_icons.

Note: _fandom_icons_ does not affiliate with personal icon journals or communities.

Want to affiliate with _fandom_icons_? leave a comment here.

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