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Easy A, Kill Bill vol.1, Pushing Daisies, X-men First Class, and more.


[6] Pushing Daisies
[2] Revenge
[1] New girl
[1] Homeland
[1] The Borgias
[1] Bones
[1] House

[3] Kill Bill vol. 1
[2] Easy A
[2] Breakfast at Tiffany's
[2] X-Men First Class
[1] Match Point
[1] Hanna

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150 Multi-fandom icons

001-116 | TV: Mad Men, Shameless (US), Luck, New Girl, Nikita, Rome, Revenge, Happy Endings, Community, Skins, Game of Thrones, Southland, Breaking Bad, Luther, Archer, Sons of Anarchy, The Fades, The Shadow Line, Up All Night, The Good Wife, Prime Suspect.
117-133 | FILM: Tell-Tale (aka Carla Gugino), The Bourne Ultimatum, Weekend, Private Romeo, Star Trek XI.
134-145 | PEOPLE: Jessica Chastain, Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, Paz de la Huerta, Karl Urban.
146-150 | FASHION & MISC

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44 multifandom icons

[20] MOVIES (fight club, harry potter, inception, x-men: first class)
[21] TV (community, doctor who, fringe, glee, game of thrones, new girl, once upon a time, bbc sherlock, the good wife)
[03] MISC (quotes: community + snl)

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Luther tell me again why are you here?

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01-08 Food(Tarteletteblog)
09-11 Sherlock
12-18 Sarah Connor Chronicles
19-19 Chronicles of Riddick
20-21 Parks and Recreation
22-28 Once Upon A Time
29-30 Nikita
31-40 New Girl
41-41 Luther
42-42 Legend pf the Seeker
43-43 Lost Girl
44-46 Leverage
47-59 Haven
60-68 Fringe
69-70 Cougar Town
71-71 Suits
72-73 Covert Affairs
74-78 American Horror Story

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