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[12] icons of actors: Zachary Quinto, Justin Chatwin & Shia Labeouf
[38] icons of actresses: Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell, Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, Eliza Dushku, Hayden Panettiere, & Elisha Cuthbert
[34] promo icons of: The L Word series 1, Six Feet Under series 3, Psych series 1, Weeds series 4, & Heroes series 1
[2] Veronica Mars s1
[6] The Big Bang Theory s1
[14] Roswell series 1
[10] Meet the Robinsons
[6] McFLY
[19] Doctor Who series 1, & series 4
[20] Dead Like Me series 1

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Find them all here @ malleusicons
Tags: tv: big bang theory, tv: dead like me, tv: doctor who, tv: heroes, tv: psych, tv: roswell, tv: six feet under, tv: the l word, tv: veronica mars, tv: weeds
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