Yusagi (darkbunnyrabbit) wrote in _fandom_icons_,

82 Farscape and Doctor Who icons

So, with a bit of a sudden inspiration, I tried toying with some icons, and am curious how they turned out. I'm not even sure how I got so many, really.

Spoilers for all episodes featured

55 Farscape icons

Season 1: Family Ties
Season 2: A Clockwork Nebari
Season 3: Season of Death

Primarily Crichton and Chiana. Also Aeryn and Zhaan.

31 Doctor Who icons

Season 2: Doomsday
Season 4: Journey's End

Primarily Rose. Also The Doctor and Mickey

Spoilers for Doomsday, Journey's End, Family Ties, A Clockwork Nebari, and Season of Death
Tags: sci-fi, tv: doctor who, tv: farscape
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