Far Away From Here (bookofsorrow) wrote in _fandom_icons_,
Far Away From Here

Mish-Mosh of mini-movie icons

I'm having far too much fun with these *nod*

++ Comments are loooove, please and thank you!
++ Credit/Don't Hotlink


001 002 003
004 005 006

if you have a request for a mini-movie icon, let me know. I can do anything (within reason) from the X Files: Seasons 1-9 and Fight The Future, Lois and Clark seasons 1 and 2, Who's The Boss seasons 1-8 (but don't expect perfection, they're burned DVD's... episodes taken from Nick@Nite :P), Frasier seasons 1-11, Punky Brewster season 1, and my DVD list; but keep in mind that if you request a mini-movie of a cartoon, I make no promises about quality. So far they've turned out grainy when I've saved them so I haven't kept any of those.
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