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[1] Ashley Benson, [11] Aishiteruze Baby, [2] Bethany Joy Galeotti, [5] Card Captor Sakura, [3] Charmed, [1] CSI, [4] Gilmore Girls, [10] Gossip Girl, [2] Hilarie Burton, [7] Itazura Na Kiss, [2] Jennifer Garner, [1] Katherine Heigl, [4] Kirsten Storms, [2] Leighton Meester, [3] Liv Tyler, [3] The Notebook, [11] One Tree Hill. [19] Prison Break, [4] Private Practice, [8] Rose McGowan, [9] Sophia Bush, [4] Shannen Doherty, [5] Sarah Jane Morris, [3] Sabrina The Teenage Witch, [1] Sarah Wayne Callies, [4] The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, [1] Veronica Mars.

Tags: actresses, anime, movie: sisterhood of traveling pants, movie: the notebook, multi-fandom, tv: charmed, tv: gilmore girls, tv: gossip girl, tv: one tree hill, tv: prison break, tv: private practice, tv: veronica mars

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