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Friendly co-moddy type post...

I'm sure everyone is aware what a spoiler is by now. I'm not going to spell it out to you, that would be instulting to your intelligence.

However, I would remind you all, that if you are going to post something in a comm that people from all over the world can see - not just the folks from the country the latest eppy of 'blah-de-blah' has just aired - to put it behind a cut. 

It would be super nice if you'd refrain from using that same icon when you post... kinda defeats the object, don't it.

Doesn't matter the fandom, spoilers still spoil.  And I'm spoiled enough for now, thank you.

For those who do not know how to do an lj-cut, here is the link.

[Edit] and this is the 200th post... go us! [/edit]

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