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Lord of the Rings ~ Boromir 100lotricons

Subject: Boromir
Batch: #2 of 25 icons New icons in blue
Themes: Lust, Desire, Happiness, Kiss, Fire, Flowers, Alone, Magical
Colorful, Wicked, All is Wrong, All is Right, Secrets, Lost,
Celebration, Forgotten, Joy, Naughty, Battle, All that I am, Courage,
Light, Sleep, Hate, Memory
Additonal Notes: Icon table by deanandsam
Resources and Credits here . Textless icons are not bases. If taking please comment and credit jack4will_icons or jack4will. If you want an icon with text please ask me. Do not hotlink.

Happiness Kiss Courage

Aragorn: I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear to you I will not let the White City fall, nor our people fail. Boromir: Our people, our people. I would have would have followed you, my brother... my captain... my king. Aragorn: Be at peace, Son of Gondor.
Tags: movie: lord of the rings

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