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Hey guys! Mod post!

Hola! I just wanted to thank everyone who's been tagging their entries so well. We thank you for taking those few extra seconds to do that to make it easier for people to find icons for a certain fandom! It's very appreciated!

However, I just got finished deleting a metric buttload (yes, that IS a scientific measurement!) of tags that were duplicates, actor/actress names, or listing all the characters in an icon post.

Our tag list can be found on the side bar of the comm, right here, if you want to see what tags you can use in your post that are available. OR, if that list is too hard to see, you can post your entry and then click the "edit tags" option once you get your post confirmation that will take you to a handy scroll list with ALL the tags.

We have an "actors" and an "actresses" tag for everyone to use. Please DO NOT list out the actors/actresses names in your tags. Also, if you're posting icons from a certain fandom- Pushing Daisies, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, whatever- please list ONLY the show name. You don't need to list every single character/actor you've iconed.

Also- "icons" and "fandom" are redundant tags since we're called _fandom_icons. Any other graphic tags shouldn't be listed either.

Please only post three teaser icons in your posts here, as well. We're getting a little bad for that again so please keep the rules in mind when you post.

Thank you again for everyone who has been tagging and doing so well!
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