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Heroes and Heroes Quotes

I'm still too overwhelmed to do season finale icons. Or, rather, I still feel like bursting into tears when trying to icon certain scenes, so I give you:

+ 18 Heroes (episodes 1x21 "The Hard Part", 1x8 "Seven Minutes to Midnight", 1x9 "Homecoming", 1x18 "Parasite", and I think that's it, but I'm absent-minded and can't remember where they all came from so I could be wrong)
+ 12 Heroes Quotes (two are from the finale, so approach with caution if you haven't seen it yet)

| |

(that is how we roll)

+ Credit (
</a></b></a>somethingastrue  on LJ and Ginnygirl7 on mni)
+ No hotlinking
+ Textless icons are not bases, so no altering
+ Comments not required, but they make my very happy
+ Like what you see? Friendage is fun! :D

EDIT: Again with the hugenormous spaces between tables! Seriously, does anyone know how to fix this? If you don't please ignore them, they're a baffling pain.

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