This is what I come back for. (moira_fae11) wrote in _fandom_icons_,
This is what I come back for.

Torchwood S1 for tw_icons100 ...

Subject: Torchwood Season 1, All Eps.
Batch: Batches 1 - 4 // 01 - 50
Themes: Cry, Smile, Lyrics, Secret, Travel, Lips, Body, Hot, Cold, Drink, Textless, Hug, Regret, Final, Name, Frightened, Flashlight, Weapon, Alone, Team, Artifact, Innocent, Dirty, Fire, Earth, Time, In My Arms, Blue, Red
Additional Notes: All info is at my Icon Journal, which is after the fake cut below! Credit and enjoy! Comments are love.

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That is so Welsh. I show you something fantastic and you still manage to find fault ...
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