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Icon Frenzy

I was going through, cleaning out my hard drive today and stumbled onto a cache of old pictures from some not-so-commonly-iconed fandoms, so I decided to make some icons of them. (Er, it's probably more accurate to say I went nuts making icons of them. *g*) Most have text, a few are bases. Please comment, credit and share, but feel free to add text or any other decoration to the bases.

However, since as I said I've had these pictures on my hard drive for a long time (we're talking 1998-ish in some cases), I have *no* idea where I got most of them. I'll credit the ones I do remember, but the rest...I'm sorry.

1. 'Al and Al 2. Al/Beth 3. Al 4. Al 5. Sam & Al 6. Sam & Al 7. Sam/Donna 8. Sam as 'Bingo' with Lisa 9. oh the irony...

1. my favorite quote from "A Leap for Lisa" - cap by Liz the Lucky
2. Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris"
5. "The Leap Home Part II - Vietnam"
6. "Catch a Falling Star" (and probably Man of La Mancha too)
7. "The Leap Back" (oh Sam...we're still waiting for you to keep that promise!) - cap by me
8. a bunch of different artists - "You Can't Take That Away from Me" - cap by Liz the Lucky
9. again, I forget who sings this... - cap by Liz the Lucky

1. Amanda/Cory Raines 2. Amanda & Rebecca 3. Amanda & Rebecca - 'my fandom' 4. Duncan/Tessa 5. Richie/Amanda

2 & 3. caps by Liz the Lucky

1. cast 2. Charles & Margaret 3. Hawkeye & BJ

3. Elton John - "Friends Never Say Goodbye" (Road to El Dorado Sdtk)

1. Andrew & Monica 2. Andrew & Monica 3. Monica, Andrew & Tess

2. I can't remember who sings that song...anyone?
3. traditional Christmas carol

1. Strange Luck - Angie & Chance 2. Silk Stalkings - Chris/Rita 3. Frog and Toad 4. Xanth - Ivy & Stanley 5. Scarecrow & Mrs. King - Lee/Amanda 6. Riker/Troi

3. so I was feeling *really* nostalgic, so sue me *g*

These two were claimed by friends of mine, and since I love them I'm giving them exclusives. *g* So please don't take either of these two unless I say it's okay at a later date.

1. Mulder & Frohike - claimed by debc 2. Simon, Jim & Blair - claimed by angelsgracie

1. "Three Words" I think...

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