November 22nd, 2013


+26 multifandom icons

[+5] The avengers
[+7] Disney multifandom
[+4] Grimm
[+8] Various fandoms (ouat, dr.who, dracula, back to the future, pollon, maya the bee, Hayley Williams, sherlock holmes, Meryl Streep, The gladiator)

[dw] martha fucking jones;

(no subject)

73 icons. -- angel, buffy the vampire slayer, doctor who,elementary, the fades, hannibal, heroes, hunger games, legend of the seeker, lost girl, michelle trachtenberg, misfits, mulan, my week with marilyn, scandal, sleepy hollow, spartacus, supernatural, teen wolf, true blood, under the dome, utopia, xena: warrior princess.

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