April 4th, 2013

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52 icons;

52 icons -- (02) angel the series, (01) awkward, (02) breaking bad, (08) buffy the vampire slayer, (05) fringe, (05) grey's anatomy, (01) smallville, (21) supernatural, (02) the following, (02) the killing, (03) veronica mars

H E R E @ bel_perdente


[50] Celebrities Dean O'Gorman(4), Francois Arnaud, Eoin Macken, Dean Geyer(4), Kevin McHale, Gemma Arterton, Gwendoline Christie(2), Natalie Dormer(2), Rose Leslie, Jessica Chastain(11), Karla Crome(2), Melissa Benoist(2), Amanda Seyfried(18)
[110] TV Merlin(15), Misfits(27), Once Upon a Time(8), The Walking Dead(7), Downton Abbey, Fringe(8), Revolution(3), Grimm(2), Skins(5), Elementary(9), Doctor Who(8), Firefly(5), Being Human(6), Alphas(6)
[62] Movies Looper(5), LOTR/The Hobbit(25), Harry Potter(7), Amelie, Midnight in Paris, Hunger Games(2), Scream(2), Wild Target, Never Let Me Go, Lawless(2)


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