December 31st, 2012

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42 multifandom
[7] lost, [5] lord of the rings, [4] harry potter, [4] robin hood, [2] the avengers, [2] the hobbit, [2] the hunger games, [2] merlin,
[1] other (jennifer's body, arrested development, secret of the moon, teen wolf, the cabin in the woods, game of thrones, community, supernatural, alice in wonderland, sucker punch, sherlock, the big bang theory)

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58 icons + 13 alts

58 icons + 13 alts
angel, atonement, awkward, beauty and the beast, brokeback mountain, battlestar galactica, doctor who, fight club, firefly, game of thrones, lost, luther, mad men, marilyn monroe, marina and the diamonds, the mindy project, misfits, new girl, nikita, once upon a time, queer as folk, secret diary of a call girl, shameless, sinbad, saturday night live, true blood, the hour, the hunger games, the vampire diaries, teen wolf, x-men: first class.

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