February 27th, 2012

Cake - Just keep trying 'til you run out

A Big Pile of Random Icons!!

What lies beneath is a big pile of very random icons. (Do eighteen icons count as a big pile or just a pile?) The sources include...

chickens and punks playing together (!)
Basic Instructions
Questionable Content
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Holy Grail
Warner Bros. Cartoons
Random Internet Gleanings!

Rules: Generally I ask people to credit me, fritters, in keywords on your userpic page, and add that commenting, while not required, makes me more likely to make the sort of icons you prefer. Lately, though, I'm not really putting a lot of time into making icons, most are things that I simply took and shrunk down and threw a border on. So really, since only 2 and 5 I put any real effort into, credit is nice, but not necessary. (On 2 and 5 I'd really prefer it, though).

"Why do you keep talking when we just wanna see what icons we can gank??"

Okay, okay, here's the preview...

1. 9. 10.

Collapse )

All of these should be 39.1k or smaller, but sometimes saving and uploading increases it a bit, so if any of them don't work on LiveJournal TELL ME. That's what they're for!

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