February 13th, 2012

Westworld // The same but different
  • naginis

59 multifandom icons

01-16 Game Of Thrones
17-36 One Tree Hill, Once Upon A Time, Sherlock
37-48 Fringe, Lost, Supernatural, Hawaii-5-0, Alcatraz
49-59 Breaking Bad, Inception, The Help, Pochontas, Hercules, Aaron Johnson

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modern times.

paint me like one of your french girls.

stranger in a strange land: perspective 45in45
                [45 category + 16 alternates]


buffy the vampire slayer. how i met your mother. the vampire diaries.
once upon a time. robert downey jr. audrey kitching. amanda seyfriend.
     anne hathaway. harry potter. taylor swift. loki. stock.

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