January 23rd, 2011

Buffy The Vampire Slayer ♥

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celebrities. emma watson, keira knightley, rachel mcadams, sophia bush, ashley greene, kristen stewart
movies. dear john, pirates of the caribbean, the twilight series - eclipse
tv shows. buffy the vampire slayer, gossip girl, greek, the vampire diaries
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movies. bambi, twilight
tv shows. buffy the vampire slayer, greek
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dr who - amy/eleven

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post consists of:
my entry for hp20in20
01-09 Harry Potter (alternates)
10-16 Anne Hathaway
17-24 Eclipse
25-26 Helena Bonham Carter
27-40 Kristen Stewart
41-46 Natalie Portman
47-51 New Moon
52-66 Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
67-71 Taylor Swift
72-92 Twilight
93-100 Water for Elephants   


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