September 3rd, 2010

Dragonball Z Kai: We Will Fight

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[2] 5 cm per Second
[34] Aladdin
[7] Avatar: The Last Airbender
[6] Beauty and the Beast
[7] Cinderella (I & III)
[9] Dragonball Z & Kai
[2] Dragonball Z Kai & One Piece
[4] Fantasia 2000
[3] Ferngully
[2] Full Metal Alchemist
[3] Hanamaru Kindergarten
[5] Mulan
[2] Naruto
[2] Peter Pan
[3] Pocahontas
[4] Princess and the Frog
[4] Sailor Moon
[2] Sleeping Beauty
[11] Spice and Wolf
[9] Tarzan
[21] The Lion King
[2] The Road to El Dorado
[2] Winnie the Pooh
[4] Misc. (Alice in Wonderland, Anastasia, Cars, Clannad, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, Pinocchio, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Yu-Gi-Oh!)

[156] Icon Total


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23x CRIMINAL MINDS (S5 finale)
36x JULIE ANDREWS (The Americanization of Emily)
35x MISC CLASSICS (Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart)
133x GONE WITH THE WIND (+19 anims + 4 wallpapers)

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01-31 .robert pattinson
32-46 .kristen stewart
47-55 .rob & kristen
56-60 .ashley greene
61-79 .into the wild (emile, kristen)
80-80 .text
81-85 .dead man's bones (mostly ryan)

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