September 1st, 2010

83 icons!

ACTRESSES; Ashley Greene (+ Xavier Samuel), Blake Lively, Zooey Deschanel, Dianna Agron (+ Lea Michele), Jessica Szohr, Rachel McAdams, Sophia Bush (+ Austin Nichols) 
James Franco, Gaspard Ulliel, Alex Pettyfer, Ian Somerhalder, Matthew Bomer

0710blakelively02.png image by chris_hk 0810rachelmcadams04.png image by chris_hk 0810mattbomer06.png image by chris_hk

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happy september :D

hey guys. its me again.. with a whole new batch just for you.

school is starting soon, so i'm gonna try to update once a week or twice a month. not sure. it's gonna be my last year of highschool.. i'm not applying for college until senior year is done.
in this batch: ashley, kristen, and rob.

- not bases
- credit me if use and or comment
- don't steal
- enjoy. (:

Mikey - Close

(140) Supernatural + Scott Pilgrim + Harry Potter

20 Supernatural "Changing Channels" icons for fandom20in20 I would like to say about paring in this one. All you can see is Dean with food so that's why I paired it ^^'
35 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Comic book icons)
55 Harry Potter icons Deathly Hallows (Of course spoilers if you haven't seen the trailer)

Harry Potter, we meet again! @ iconsatmidnight

Cinderella Sister
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[001-010 Gemma Arterton]
[011-015 Persuasion]
[016-065 BBC Merlin]
[066-095 Eclipse + Cast]
[096-110 Legend of The Seeker]
[111-135 Glee Cast]
[136-160 Skip beat!]
[161-170 Sug ]
[171-190 Bollywood: We are Family, De Dana Dan]

02x Eclipse
02x Alexz Johnson
02x Prince of Persia
01x Merlin
01x Katie McGrath

The rest HERE!@LJ