May 27th, 2010

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[16] Eclipse Trailers
[17] Robert Pattinson
[7] Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
[7] Remember Me Premiere
[9] Kristen Stewart
[15] Misc. Girls
[8] Misc. Boys
[35] One Tree Hill
[22] Lee Dewyze
[16] The Cast of The Vampire Diaries
[25] The Cast of Glee
[64] Glee Episodes
[24] The Cast of One Tree Hill

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01-09 .lost (various episodes)
10-19 .friends
20-22 .eclipse
23-28 .misfits animations (not icons)
29-35 .ryan gosling
36-41 .ryan & michelle
42-44 .michelle williams
45-54 .ashley greene
55-59 .emilie de ravin
60-78 .robert pattinson
79-80 .kristen & robert
81-97 .kristen stewart (+ 1 icon animation, 2 big animations)

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[lost] ;; disrespecting his body

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So I wanted to make icons of the entire season but I didn't and now I'm working on icons of the finale.

I decided to make a huge bundle of them. LOL this took forever. I was just going to make SOS ones for my own pleasure but eh, I love this show too much.

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:: textless icons are NOT bases

60 - L O S T (Season 6 Ep 17 ~ The End)

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ENJOY!!! :-D