November 30th, 2009

Gibbs - heart (ncis cap)

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Here is another icon post with icons I made for contests or stuf like that. This time it's a multi fandom, some are good, some made me go 'what was I thinking!!' but still I decided to post them all:

[1-4] - David Lee Smith/ Rick stetler
[5-6] - Jethro Gibbs
[7-12] - Jeffery Dean Morgan/John Winchester
[13-20] - Jonthan Togo/Ryan Wolfe
[21-26] - Daniel Jackson/Michael Shanks
[27-102] - Eric Delko/Adam Rodrigues & Tim Speedle/Rory Cochrane
[103-110] - Danny Msser/Carmine Giovinazzo


-no hot-linking
-no taking without credit
-no use outside LJ without my ok (which you will probably get coz I'm nice :D )
-please comment, you don't have to but i love receiving comments.


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