November 20th, 2009

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ACTRESSES; Jessica Szohr & Ashley Greene (+ with Ed Westwick), Katie Cassidy, Dianna Agron (+ together), Jessica Lowndes, Megan Fox, Sophia Bush (+ Brooke/Julian)
TV SHOW; The Vampire Diaries 1.09 "History Repeating"
CAST; The Vampire Diaries

TV - Pushing Daisies [gang]

Challenge icons

160 icons for various 20in20 challenges.

[20] Kate Beckinsale for celeb20in20
[20] Kristen Bell for ladies20in20
[20] Ryan Reynolds for guys20in20
[20] Sheldon Cooper for character20n20
[20] Jacob (Lost) for lost20in20
[20] Peter/Astrid (Fringe) for fringe20in20
[20] Tony/Abby (NCIS) for ncis20in20
[20] X-Men Origins: Wolverine for movie20in20

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1-15 White Collar
16-26 Supernatural
27-28 Supernatural/Life on Mars Xover
29-37 Castle
38-44 How I Met Your Mother
45-49 Spaced
50-69 Misc: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright, Lily Allen, Community, The Swell Season, The Frames, The Decemberists, Life on Mars, Them Crooked Vultures, Josh Homme, Fallout 3, Joel McHale, Cowboy Bebop

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01-18 female celebs ashley greene | blake lively | hilary duff | kaya scodelario | leighton meester | megan fox | sophia bush
19-24 male celebs ed westwick | david cook
25-53 tv shows gossip girl | skins | vampire diaries | true blood | buffy the vampire slayer
54-55 movies twilight

here @ letberock