November 9th, 2009

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Gilmore Girls, The Legend of the Seeker and pink stock icons

[20] Gilmore Girls
[28] The Legend of the Seeker
[04] Stock icons (theme - color pink)
[Total: 52 icons]

x Please credit the community paper_ducks, when you take an icon:

x Comment (on the original entry) when you take something.
x Please don't edit/modify/add anything. If you want anything changed just ask and l'll happily do it for you.
x Please do not upload these to fanpop or other forums/massage boards, my icons are ONLY for livejournal and dreamwidth.
x Please do not hotlink/direct link. If you don't know what hotlinking is read this.


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[17] Smallville 906 Icons
> rules:
01. if you use anything credit me
02. comments are appreciated, especially con-crit
03. do not hotlink
04. do not claim as your own
05. do not alt

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Icon Post. Going to stick with simple colouring for now xD
Enjoy ^^
[03] Nagasawa Masami
[15] Yoon Eun Hye
[04] Seto Koji
[02] Okada Masaki
[06] Aaron Yan
[12] Kamenashi Kazuya
[05] Akanishi Jin
[17] Fashion (Tanaka Miho)
[16] Aragaki Yui (Girls' Locks)
(This entry will be kept open. From now on, I won't be locking entries anymore! Old entries will also be unlocked to the public xD)

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[Movie] Happy Holly
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Lost [22]
Flashforward [11]
Veronica Mars [04]
One Tree Hill [03]
Gilmore Girls[01]
Actors/Actresses [14]
The Mortal Instruments {Jace/CLary} [01]
Vampire Academy {Rose/Dimitri} [02]


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