October 16th, 2009


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01-06 Ben Whishaw
07-12 James Dean
13-17 Jensen Ackles
18-20 Jamie Bamber
21-22 Montgomery Clift
23-24 Christina Ricci
25-28 Charlotte Gainsbourg,Jenna Fischer,Katie McGrath,Lee Pace
29-35 Emma (2009)
36-44 Sons of Anarchy
45-46 Bright Star, Two Lovers


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the rest here @ exclusion_lair
MOVIE - Breadfast at Tifanny's

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[36]Requests including: Leighton Meester, Maggie Grace, House, Gossip Girl, Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Green Day, One Tree Hill, Sex and the city
[49]Tv shows: Lost, The big bang theory, How I met your mother, One Tree Hill
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