October 4th, 2009


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134 icons, 4 banners and 1 background image with:
90210 l Grey's Anatomy l Harry Potter l Kristen Stewart (with Robert and Taylor) l Paramore l Skins l Taylor Momsen

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01-06: Lady Gaga
07-09: Better Off Ted
10-12: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
13-19: The Thick Of It/In The Loop
20-31: Various [Lie To Me, Quentin Tarantino, Melanie Laurent, Sophia Loren, La Reine Margot, State Of Play, The Daily Show, Frost/Nixon]

32-43: Russ Feingold, Shepard Smith, Howard Dean

The rest can be found here
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Spelling-corrected Dilemma Icons

Zachary Quinto/Chris Pine (kind of)

I bring spelling-corrected Dilemma icons and also an alternate version of them...



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Rest HERE.

Also, credit for Captain Spirk goes to whoever made him. Sadly, I don´t know who that was :( If you can give me their name, I´ll add a credit. If they mind my usage of the manip, I´ll take it down.

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office, broadway

40 - The Office season 6
10 - Jenna Fischer & John Krasinski
25 - Hair cast
20 - Alice Ripley (pics from her facebook)
10 - Wicked (current bway cast)
10 - Stephanie J. Block/Kendra Kassebaum/Julia Murney/Teal Wicks
5 - Jayma Mays

Find more HERE @ slur_a_plea

93 icons

[001-003] Kirsten Dunst
[004-022] Vampire's Diares
[023-036] Glee 1x05
(including animated)
[037-049] Time Traverel's Wife (promo pics)
[050-093] Ashley Greene

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