September 16th, 2009

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icon post.

1-10: Stock icons
11: Matthew Gray Gubler & Paget Brewster
12-14: Matthew Gray Gubler
15-16: Chris Pine
17: James McAvoy
18-25: Colin Morgan
26-29: Bradley James
30-46: Colin Morgan & Bradley James
47-52: Criminal Minds (Reid + 2 MGG)
53-60: Merlin
61-68: Text icons


Icon batch { 038 } over at paper_packages | If you like what you see then please feel free to join/watch this community =)

66 New Icons Plus 2 Banners

Hello Everybody, I bring you the following:

[16] Back to the Future/Michael J. Fox icons [2] of which are .gif
[16] Queer as Folk icons [3] of which are .gif
[24] House icons [2] of which are .gif
[10] Bones icons [1] of which is .gif

A total of 66 new icons.

And I started experimenting with banners, so there is one House banner, and one Queer as Folk banner…I’d appreciate it if you guys gave me some tips on how to get better at making the banners. I’m especially interested in the size that they’re supposed to be.

The House banner is 128x90 pixels, and the Queer as Folk banner is 468x60 pixels. Both of these sizes came already preprogrammed into GIMP, so I just went with them but I’d like to know if banners for LJ are supposed to be a different size.

Enjoy, take as many as you want, but please do credit :) !!!


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The rest can be found Here!!!!
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