August 28th, 2009

Tom Hardy UNF

Impossible n'est pas français.

[01-07] New Moon (Bella Swan, Jacob&Bella)
[08-13] Nikki Reed
[14-31] Kristen Stewart
[33-38] Taylor Lautner
[39-44] Ed Westwick/Leighton Meester
55] Sophia Bush
[56-60] OTH (Brooke&Julian SPOILER)

[61-67] Misc (Gaspard Ulliel, Coffee Prince, Blair Waldorf)

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matt bomer - holy fuck

Various actors/TV shows/bands

[1-8] 10 Things I Hate About You
[9-19] Brody Dalle
[20-28] Cobra Starship
[29-34] Idina Menzel
[35-45] Jake Gyllenhaal
[46-49] James McAvoy
[50-54] Johnny Depp
[55-66] Natalie Dormer
[67-71] Secret Life of the American Teenager


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Leonard McCoy

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{4} David Tennant
{14} Freema Agyeman
{3} Doctor Who (Ten/Martha, Third Doctor)
{6} Law & Order: UK (James/Alesha)
{2} Ben Daniels
{14} CSI
{5} Richard Hammond
{7} Rosario Dawson
{13} Various: Anne Hathaway, Stock, Cowboys, Dancer
{7} Headers