August 27th, 2009

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[01|32]Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince portraits
[40|48]Twilight: Vanity Fair photoshoot
[49|60]Kristen Stewart


[01|01]Bella Swan
[02|06]Kristen Stewart (some with Taylor)
[08|10] Harry Potter trio/cast

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[01|02]Kristen Stewart
[03|03]Kristen & Robert

Friends Only
[01|03]Robert&Kristen, Kristen (some Taylor in it)

[01|01]Kristen Stewart

[02|02]Wuthering Heights (K.Knightley as Cathy)

(She took my heart, I think she took my soul.)
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[01-10] Chuck
[11-23] Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
[24-35] Supernatural
[36-72] Robert & Robsten
[73-74] Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
[75] Chuck
[76-77] Robsten
[78] Robert Pattinson


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( .she's lost her will. time is standing still.he walks her he walks alone. the days they turn into years.the eyes they drown in tears. )

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Women: Anna Paquin, Sophia Bush, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, Evangeline Lilly, Megan Fox, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart /Twilight/ misc. /Katherine Heigl, Natalie Portman, Ellen Page, Rachel McAdams, Leighton Meester, etc/
TV Shows: Freaks and Geeks, Supernatural, Gossip Girl /possible spoilers/, Legend of the Seeker,
Movies: Disney /Alice, Lion King, Pocahontas/

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the stars in your eyes

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Icon battle between hallonpaj and seriously_em.

tv shows; chuck, o.c, one tree hill,
celebs; alexander skarsgård, anna friel, bethany joy galeotti, emily deschanel, emma watson, gillian anderson, hilarie burton, kate voegele, kristen stewart, robert pattinson, sarah dawn finer, sophia bush, taylor swift, vanessa hudgens, yvonne strahovski, zac efron

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Icons! :)

Heroes: Mohinder, Matt, Molly, Mohinder/Matt, Sylar (Gabriel), Sylar/Elle, Syler/Mohinder
Star Trek: Spock, Kirk/Spock
Real Person: Zach Quinto, Pinto

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