August 26th, 2009


icons, icons and more icons

Actresses: Laura Linney, Uma Thurman, Natalie Portman, Lauren Graham.
Historical: Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I.
Movies: Titanic (1997), The Little Mermaid, Closer, Pulp Fiction, Romeo + Juliet (1996), Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Carry On Films, Quills, Cruel Intentions, Sex And The City.
Music: Lily Allen.
Television: Gilmore Girls, Friends.
Misc: Matthew Perry & Lauren Graham

Banners: Laura Linney, Friends, Lily Allen, Titanic (1997).


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60 Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Icons (mostly Addison Forbes Montgomery & Alex Karev)
24 True Blood Icons
24 Twilight/New Moon Icons (mostly Kristen Stewart)

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48 icons + 5 banners

[01-17] Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
[18-20] Daniel Radcliffe
[21-22] Tom Felton
[23-24] Rupert Grint
[25-32] Emma Watson
[33-40] Taylor Momsen
[41-48] My Chemical Romance
+5 Banners: My Chemical Romance, Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe & Tom Felton


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