August 20th, 2009

Gibbs - heart (ncis cap)

89 NCIS Icons

Over the time i collected quite a share of icons I made and entered in challenges but never posted. And I figured those icons deserve some love. So I'll start posting them grouped on the show (i'll try at least)

This post :NCIS :D (my lovely Silver Fox is in many)

Many Many Icons (89 to be more exact):P


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Preview :

36jethroicon06.png image by froggy_icons  

You can find the icons @ my livejournal, click here!

stock// black crow

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[13] - Beauty and the beast
[04] - Hercules
[08] - Rachel Hurd-Wood
[07] - Kristen Stewart/Taylor Lautner
[05] - Emma Watson
[72] - Harry Potter house icons (two animated)
[21] - Harry Potter (including animations)
[07] - Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (only animated)
[31] - True Blood (including animations)
[29] - New Moon (including animations)
[18] - Stock/Fashion/Models


[01] - Harry Potter (DH chapter 28 - The Prince's tale art)
[02] - True Blood (Godric/Eric)

More here @ bloomyicons if you're interested.
[CHUCK] sarah; smile train

Multifandom post!

Multifandom post!! Some icons are very creepy and simple LOL but anyway I hope you like them!!! :D

[1-31] Harper's Island 1x11 and 1x01 +2 gifs (season finale) + Katie Cassidy
[32-73] Hong Gil Dong, dedicated to my little cartxu
[74-75] Generation Kill
[76-81] The legend of the seeker
[82-86] New moon + Rob
[87-90] Smallville to elitesmallville

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The rest HERE at cylonized
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13 Ashley Greene icons
13 Carrie Underwood icons
11 Mary Poppins icons
11 Spring Awakening icons
10 Sleepy Hollow icons

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128 icons ; 12 banners

opened for three - four days
post includes:
twilight, robert pattinson, kristen stewart, ashley greene, nikki reed, jackson rathbone, alice in wonderland, johnny depp, taylor momsen, ed westwick, leighton meester, megan fox, jessica szohr, miley cyrus, sophia bush, jennifer's body, liv tyler, matt dallas, mischa barton, the time traveler's wife, vanessa hudgens, kellan lutz, rachel lefevre, shenae grimes, annalynne mccord, jessica stroup, banners

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