August 8th, 2009

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///////////// 01-24: (movie) The Time Traveler's wife
///////////// 25-48: Lost, season five
///////////// 49-52: Shiri Appleby
///////////// 53-100: Roswell (Max&Liz centered but also group and Alex&Isabel)
+ 8 M&L animations


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Star Trek Icons

99 Star Trek XI (2009) Icons.

*This is the LATTER HALF of the film. I'll post the first half in a few days.* LJ hated me for trying to post 199 icons. :[.


TEASER! Icon 043 TEASER! Icon 148 TEASER! Icon 160

(Live Long and Prosper)

+ If you're using any of my icons, please credit icondere.
+ Comments are really lovely. I worked hard on these and would like to know if any of you enjoyed them.
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[Icons 001-003] Andromeda
[Icons 004-005] Dawson's Creek
[Icons 006-009] Glee
[Icons 010-011] Stargate Atlantis
[Icons 012-014] Torchwood
[Icons 015-018] Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
[Icons 019-023] Terminator: Salvation
[Icons 024-028] Anton Yelchin
[Icons 029-034] Chris Pine
[Icons 035-040] Karl Urban
[Icons 041-042] Zachary Quinto
[Icons 043-044] Anne Hathaway
[Icons 045-048] Johnny Cash
[Icons 049-050] Bob Dylan
[Wallpapers 001-001] Andromeda
[Wallpapers 002-002] Dawson's Creek
[Wallpapers 003-003] Glee
[Wallpapers 004-005] Stargate Atlantis
[Wallpapers 006-006] Terminator: Salvation

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