July 28th, 2009

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Disgaea 2{8}
animanga{30}: Casshern Sins{3}, Code Geass{1}, Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!{1}, Kuroshitsuji{1}, Kyou Kara Maou{2}, Little Butterfly{2}, Magic Knight Rayearth{5}, Nurarihyon no Mago{3}, Okami{1}, Pandora Hearts{5}, Shounen Onmyouji {3}, Tokyo Mew Mew{1}, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle{2}

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41 icons of; Gaspard Ulliel, Zooey Deschanel, Jake and Amir, Seth Rogen, 30 Rock, That 70s Show, Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen, Milo Ventimiglia, Psych, Benjamin Button, Kate Nash, M.I.A, Dr. Who, Zachary Quinto, Kirsten Bell, James Franco, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Hermione

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1-3 | Stock
4-8 | Alice in Wonderland
9-13 | Aristocats
14 | Finding Nemo
15-17 | Lilo & Stitch
18-21 | Gossip Girl
22-24 | Michael Jackson
25-27| Prison Break
28-31 | The Time Traveler's Wife
32-34 | Confessions of a Shopaholic
35 | Lady Gaga
36 | Lost


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