June 28th, 2009

icon five ♥

120 multi-fandom icons

120 multi-fandom icons, half made by me, half made by thiscanbegin, as part of an EPIC icon battle.

The fandoms were: BSG, Castle, Criminal Minds, CSI, CSI: NY, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Firefly, Leverage, Moonlight, Mythbusters, NCIS, Numb3rs, Sanctuary, SGA, SG1, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Torchwood

Previews are all by me:

You can find the two parter here and here.

There are also alternates from the battle here with the same fandoms.
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Rest in Peace Farrah Fawcett! ♥

June 25 2009 one of my biggest idols passed away, Farrah Fawcett was a huge icon for me. I'm so sorry that she lost her battle against cancer, she didn't deserve it! I thought she was going to make it for a while but then everything seemed to be lost. I hope she rests in peace, I'm glad that she's asleep now and can't feel any pain.
Anyway, I made some icons of her, oh and some ER ones.

In this post
- ER 1x03
- Charlie's Angels - Farrah Fawcett

HERE @ emsen

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53x Icons + 3 Wallpapers

[1-17] Matt Barr - Band Camp, Harper's Island, Various
[18-22] CJ Thomason - Harper's Island
[23-53] Supernatural 'In The Beginning' - Dean, Dean & John, Mary, Etc...

2x Dean/Sam Wallpapers
1x Dean Wallpaper



All HERE @ xsecondchances my journal.
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[3] Nicole Kidman
[6] Ashley Tisdale
[6] Nelly Furtado
[6] Scarlett Johansson
[12] Cameron Diaz
[12] Lindsay Lohan

[1] Ashley Tisdale
[1] Lindsay Lohan
[1] Nelly Furtado


sexy girls from anakg
GOT: Iain Glen

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18 Battlestar Galactica Icons from Dirty Hands (Tyrol, Adama, Six, Baltar and Roslin)
20 Mary Mc Icons from The Closer, episode 5x03 Red Tape.


- not hotlink
- credit if you

I hope you like them ^_^

more icons, HERE, at my livejournal
Batman - Poison Ivy

Multifandom Icon drop

>> Multifandom Icon Drop
>> 4 Catwoman and Superman by request
>> 10 Catwoman by request
>> 29 from Smallville Icontests and Other; 18 Lex Luthor; 7 Jimmy Olsen; 4 Lois Lane
>> 12 from Sailor Moon Icontests; Sailor Mars, Sailor Plutor, Ail & Ann, Iron Mouse

t e a s e r s
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Find the Rest Here @ beginatheend

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