June 14th, 2009


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001-006 Alexis Bledel
007-030 Titanic (1997)
031-034 Christina Aguilera
035-037 Alanis Morissette
038-041 Friends
042-046 Lauren Graham
047-052 Jennifer Aniston
053-057 Kill Bill
058-059 Eminem
060-083 Stock / Stock Text


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30Rock: Liz Lemon

Icon (Actors and tvshow)

Actors: Lisa Edlestein, Hugh Laurie, TR Knight, Katherine Heighl, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacbson, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Alec Baldwin, Matthew Perry, Kate Walsh and more!
Tv show: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice

dalena near the car.

hayden panettiere and alexander rybak icons.

[Hayden Panettiere 1-14]
[Alexander Rybak 15-19]

|Вы можете использовать аватары| You can use icons|
|Используя аватары, ставьте кредит| If you use icons, please put credit|
|Критика is <3| Criticism is <3|
|Комментарии are <3| Comments are <3|

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Women: Sophia Bush, Katherine Heigl, Evangeline Lilly, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Anna Paquin, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johanson, Rachel McAdams, Kristen Bell, Leighton Meester, Kristen Stewart
Men: Robert Pattinson, Sebastian Stan
TV Shows: Gossip Girl (+cast), Vampire Diaries, Legend of the Seeker, Dollhouse
Movies: Cruel Intentions, Pocahontas