June 6th, 2009

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I'm going through the painful task of redoing my tags. I've redone all the tags but now I need to put all the relevent "- icons" ones in all the icons posts. And I have 100+ of them. 30 down, too many to go. Also, why is it hard to find short-haired Janeway drinking coffee? There's plenty of her drinking coffee when she had her bun but not as much later. Thankfully Endgame has one, I need it! Two days worth here, enjoy.

[07] Star Trek Voyager (4x26 Hope & Fear (Velocity))
[20] Star Trek Voyager (7x12 Lineage)
[40] Star Trek Voyager (7x13 Repentance)
[25] Star Trek Voyager (7x25 & 7x26 Endgame)

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13 | actors christian bale, ioan gruffudd, rob morrow, viggo mortensen, zachary quinto, chris pine, ryan reynolds
20 | actresses scarlett johansson, anne hathaway, keira knightley, kate winslet, billie piper
38 | tv stargate, doctor who, supernatural, lost, fringe, pushing daisies, farscape, x-files, ashes to ashes
08 | movies misc.
07 | misc.

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