June 3rd, 2009

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Did I say 2 weeks? I clearly meant 3 days. It was a nice surprise to find my internet on this morning, though I don't actually yet have a phone line! Oh well, I'd rather have the internet. So before I went I saved lots and lots of caps so I could spoil infarium make lots of pretty things for when I came back. I only ended up making 2 of the episodes but I made 2 more today :) And I still have quite a lot left! (Caretaker, Endgame, The Void & Lineage as well as every other cap at my disposal). I also want to make other things for once, I just can't seem to push myself to do it! Eh.... & infarium (yes, I'm calling you this rather than the multitude of other names you pop up with :)), leave me one Gates pic, one Marina pic & one... Jeri pic. Dooo it.

On with the icons :)

[00-45] Star Trek The Next Generation (1x01&1x02 Encounter at Farpoint)
[46-90] Star Trek The Next Generation (7x08 Attached)
[91-130] Star Trek Voyager (7x02 Imperfection)
[131-155] Star Trek Voyager (7x14 Prophecy)

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[13] - Pocahontas
[06] - Gaspard Ulliel
[06] - Robert Pattinson
[07] - Kristen Stewart
[15] - Blake Lively (three with Leighton)
[06] - Helena Bonham Carter
[34] - Harry Potter (including animations)
[17] - Atonement
[12] - Australia
[24] - Sleepy Hollow
[28] - True Blood (including animations)
[26] - Twilight/New Moon (including animations)

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Misc Disney icons:
[1-4] The Beauty and the Beast
[5-6] Enchanted
[7-10] Cinderella
[11] Sleeping Beauty
[12] Peter Pan (tink)
[13-14] Aladdin
[15-40] Keira Knightley icons
[41-42] Ophelia icons
[43-48] Pride&Prejudice 05 & 95 icons
[49-56] The Piano icons


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