May 28th, 2009


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[1-6] Misc: Stock icons: Flowers, Eiffel Tower etc.
[7-12] Keira Knighley icons herself, Edge of Love, The Duchess, Pride&Prejudice
[12-17] Misc Austen related icons: Pride&Prejudice 05, Sense&Sensibility 95, & Becoming Jane
[18-21] Marilyn Monroe icons
[22-24] Johnny Depp icons: POTC, Sleepy Hollow
[25-27] Robert Pattinson icons
[28-36] Misc Disney icons: The Little Mermaid, Belle, Fantasia, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella.

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This entire batch is kind of biased towards Beverly, Deanna, Will/Deanna & Picard/Crusher. So uh, :D
Also I'm extremely saddened that my cap site has NO caps of the "scooping scene" in The Naked Now. How disgraceful, you'd think they had some Deanna hate on or something! (It took me forever to find Will/Deanna bubblebath scene from Insurrection & the little "theraputic moments" scene is shameful in its amount of caps :( Alas poor ship, I love you still!) And also the two icons of Beverly from Nemesis are just to show beverlyccrusher that she is present there!

Also this will be my last update/anything for about 2 weeks! I'm moving on sunday and will have no internet for quite a while! At least I can get most of my exams out of the way!

[00-55] Star Trek Insurrection
[56-65] Star Trek Nemesis (Wedding Scene)
[66-68] Star Trek Nemesis Promo Picture/Behind The Scenes/On The Set/Whatever
[69-95] Star Trek The Next Generation (1x03 The Naked Now)
[96-125] Star Trek Voyager (7x07 Inside Man)

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