May 24th, 2009

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Star Trek, why are you so iconable?
The movies are fabulously nice to colour and play with and they're just so gorgeous; I happen to like both Deanna & Beverly's hair a lot more in the movies (Deanna because its gorgeous and Beverly... the same. Blonde suits Gates more imo). I have 2 exams down and 6 to go, and the next isn't till 1st June. Way, though I'll have my internet cut off for a while when I move on friday. Sad times. I'm looking extremely forward to June 17th, when my life will be very less complicated. Also I'm now an alumna, sad times.

The icons: I was making some Deanna for feelwithyou earlier and thought to make some Beverly as a nice little bribe/enabling tool for sevenofnine. And then instead of just Beverly I decided to do the whole movie minus the last few... things. I heart drunk Deanna muchly.

[00-90] Star Trek First Contact

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matt bomer - holy fuck


[1-3] Colin Farrell
[4-6] Daniel Craig
[7-9] Ellen Page
[10-22] Emile Hirsch
[23-28] Eva Longoria
[29-31] Gerard Butler
[32-38] Ginnifer Goodwin
[39-51] Gossip Girl
[52-55] Hayden Christensen
[56-57] Hugh Jackman
[58-63] Isla Fisher
[64-66] Jonas Brothers
[67-76] Kate Winslet
[77-80] Katy Perry
[81-84] Kristen Bell
[85-97] Leonardo DiCaprio (some w/ Kate Winslet)
[98-102] Lindsay Lohan
[103-119] Marion Cotillard
[120-143] Maroon 5
[144] Matt Damon
[145-154] Matthew Fox


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TV shows: Gossip girl, Grey's anatomy, How i met your mother, Lost, One tree hill, Skins, 90210, Misc
Clémence Poésy, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Leigton Meester, Rachel McAdams, Sophia Bush, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron
Fashion and stock
Spoilers for the finales of pretty much everything listed :D

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