May 3rd, 2009

ombria in shadows

214 icons

10 Things I Hate About You x  59
The Devil's Whore x 15
Dollhouse x 51
The Inside x 52
Number One Ladies' Detective Agency x  20
Text quotes from Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches' Guide to Romance Novels x 17



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dollhouse, legend of the seeker and ashes to ashes

I have

[081] icons + animated icons Legend of the Seeker S01 E16-18
[001] animation Legend of the Seeker S01 E18
[056] icons + animated icons Dollhouse S01 E10
[002] animations Dollhouse S01 E10
[027] icons + animated icons Ashes to Ashes S02 E02
[003] animations Ashes to Ashes S02 E02

for you :)

I hope you will like them.


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dean hell yeah


{1] Jared & Jensen wallpaper

{6} Britney Spears Icons
{19} Supernatural Icons (the Rapture, and Pilot)

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001-003 The Sarah Connor Chronicles
004-010 Kristin Kreuk
011-025 Allison Mack
026-033 Eliza Dushku
034-052 Sarah Michelle Gellar
053-096 Supernatural (Anna, Anna\Dean, Dean, Castiel)
097-107 fashion

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The rest is HERE: You speak without sound, your love is so loud, you always save me!