April 7th, 2009

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GoGi, Blake, Leighton, Demi...

Today I'll post 55 icons of GoGi, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Demi Lovato.
I hope you like them :D

[01-19] Gossip Girl (bases by ashy_lfc_fan
[20-32] Blake Lively (dont_be_so_base)
[33-44] Leighton Meester (dont_be_so_base)
[45-55] Demi Lovato ((minutesto12)


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True Blood: Taking care [ani]

Searching me now...

I decided to post everything I made, no matter how much it is. Who said, that I can only post here, when I've made at least 50 Icons? Nobody said this, it's my Journal. I can Post as much as I want *laughs* HAHAHA... xD Okay, Iam weird, right? xD

So today I have... some Icons for you. (I cant count, Maths hates me..) ^^ Of course + animated Ones =) <3
Enjoy watching.
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[01-17] McLeods Daughters S01EP02 Icons
[18-39] Merlin S01EP02 [+animated] Icons
[40-54] Moonlight S01EP02 [+animated] Icons



Here @ escaflowned


Dexter icons

Finally, Dexter icons. Dexter is now my favorite new show.  I stumbled across this when I have a coupon for one free DVD at Blockbuster. I rented the first disc and was hooked. Then I watched all the episodes online as well. Now I'm waiting for Season Three to comes out on DVD.

i just wanna.... )
Michelle - Stardust
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Brenda Strong [16]
Carla Gugino [20]
Dana Delany [37]
Eva Longoria [24]
Heidi Klum [37]
Hugh Laurie [9]
Marcia Cross [8]
Marg Helgenberger [14]
Scarlett Johansson [27]
Taylor Swift [39]
Tina Fey [12]
Vanessa Williams [77]


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