March 20th, 2009

True Blood: Taking care [ani]

100 Icons


100 100x100 ICONS!

[21] Carnivale S01E01 Icons
[01] Carnivale S01E01 animated Icon
[13] Gossip Girl S01E13 Icons
[01] Gossip Girl S01E13 animated Icon
[06] Kyle XY S01E03 Icons
[02] Kyle XY S01E03 animated Icons
[17] Legend of the Seeker S01E11 Icons
[01] Legend of the Seeker S01E11 animated Icon
[23] Lost in Austen S01E01 Icons
[03] Lost in Austen S01E01 animated Icons
[10] The Mentalist S01E01 Icons
[02] The Mentalist S01E01 animated Icons



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52 icons, banners and animations including blake lively, kristen stewart, leighton meester, michelle trachtenberg, doctor who, gossip girl, one tree hill, 50 first dates, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, pride and prejudice, sohee of wonder girls, sorry sorry mv by super junior

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Kristen // Entertainment weekly2


Hey guys. I have just finished my exams, and boy does it feel good to be free! So I decided to come OPEN TO REQUESTS. For those that wish for me to make them a banner/signature/wallpaper/icon set/DVD art/poster speak now or forever hold your peace! Please send me a message. Please attach:

+ A minimum of 2 pictures and a maximum of 5
+ Text that you may wish for it to be on
+ A size

So please,
send me a request

Now...I have some new icons!

+++10 Twilight cast [RPattz, KStew]

suits :: not an alcoholic

Lost, Narnia, Star Trek

Somewhat random selection today; I was browsing through my icons and found a bunch that I'd never posted before. They weren't made in batches, so there's some variation in styles.

[04] Lost
[20] The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
[24] Star Trek (Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise)


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chris b&w

Misc Icon Batch

Here's my latest batch of icons from Bones, Lost and House. :D

[1-14] Bones related
- Emily & David, TV Guide cover & outtakes
[15-29] Lost 5x08 LaFleur
[30-60] House 5x14 The Greater Good
[61-95] House 5x15 Unfaithful
[96-124] Bones 4x14 The Hero in the Hold


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