March 13th, 2009

☂ (and now I'm eating your boyfriend.)

225 icons

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 39 icons. All 3 films, mainly promos, much Norribeth.
KATIE McGRATH. 22 icons; 2 banners. Freakdog & Photoshoots.
MERLIN. 58 icons; 2 banners (of Morgana & Morgana/Uther). 107 Gates of Avalon.
FOURTH DOCTOR. 33 icons. Series 16 The Key To Time (i.e. Romana I).
TENTH DOCTOR. 31 icons. 302 The Shakespeare Code 402 The Fires of Pompeii.


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Misc Icon Batch

Here's my latest batch of icons from various challenges, House and Bones. :D

[1-39] Challenge Entries;
3 Sara Sidle; 12 Gil Grissom; 3 GSR; 8 Jennifer Garner; 8 Bones 5 Coldplay
[40-74] House 5x13 Big Baby.
[75-116] Bones 4x15 The Princess and the Pear


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TV: Gossip girl, How I met your mother, One tree hill, Pushing daisies, Skins, 90210
Celebs: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Taylor Swift
Twilight chics: Rachelle Lafevre, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart
Fashion & Stock
Banners: Stock, Leighton Meester


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