March 4th, 2009

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[001-008] Jennifer Morrisson
[009-015] Eva Green
[016-018] Marion Cotillard
[019-021] Ralph Fiennes
[022-032] Oscars
[033-040] Misc
[041-044] Bat for lashes
[045-076] Fashion/Stock
[077-084] Moulin Rouge
[085-092] Fight Club/Kill Bill
[093-101] Veronica Mars
[102-114] Mad Men
[115-126] Spn
[+] Banners

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I'm having a crisis of abstinence because of Bones. So I made icons for episode 4.03, 4.04 and 4.05.
[32] Bones Eps. 4.03
[34] Bones Eps. 4.04
[33] Bones Eps. 4.05
[10] NCIS Eps. 6.10
[33] The Notebook
I hope you like it! Please comment and credit.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion icons

I made icons from episodes 1-10 of Evangelion back in August and I'm just getting around to posting them. As a caveat, I've only seen this show from the episodes I could find on YouTube, and I'm not a big enough anime fan to go hunting it down, so I may or may not finish the series. They were done as a gift for aruna7. Caps from military_base.

Each episode is in its own post. Posts contain between 80 and 125 icons each. If you want to snag from more than one post, you can just leave a single comment on the masterlist or something.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Masterlist
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Here's for my first post some Emily Deschanel & Bones icons.

01 - 10 - Emily Deschanel
11 - 35 - Bones 4x01 & 4x02. Yanks In The U.K.
36 - 45 - Bones 4x12. Double Trouble In The Panhandle