February 16th, 2009

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82 Farscape and Doctor Who icons

So, with a bit of a sudden inspiration, I tried toying with some icons, and am curious how they turned out. I'm not even sure how I got so many, really.

Spoilers for all episodes featured

55 Farscape icons

Season 1: Family Ties
Season 2: A Clockwork Nebari
Season 3: Season of Death

Primarily Crichton and Chiana. Also Aeryn and Zhaan.

31 Doctor Who icons

Season 2: Doomsday
Season 4: Journey's End

Primarily Rose. Also The Doctor and Mickey

Spoilers for Doomsday, Journey's End, Family Ties, A Clockwork Nebari, and Season of Death
Music is <3

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6 Across The Universe icons
16 Sweeney Todd icons
15 Silkwood icons
5 Romeo + Juliet icons
10 Meryl Streep icons + 3 banners
10 Phantom Of The Opera icons

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Music [M.I.A.]
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[1-19] The Killers
[20-24] Santogold
[25-61] E.R. ("Pilot")
[62-82] That 70s Show
[83-91] Skins (season 3)
[92-102] Watchmen
[103-111] Demetri Martin quotes
[112-128] Stock (writing on walls)
+Brandon Flowers wallpaper, Skins headers

Here at kingsguard.
GoT - Sansa - Queen

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[001-002] Across the Universe
[003-011] Various Disney
[012-027] Firefly/Serenity
[028-030] Friends
[031-035] Harry Potter
[036-040] Lord of the Rings
[041-052] Pirates of the Caribbean
[053-057] Phantom of the Opera
[058-061] V for Vendetta
[062-064] Lady (I don't know who this lady is, so please help me if you can.)


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Stock ☮ ( Make Shift Heart )
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Framing Hanley.
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I'm, uh, obsessed with the band Framing Hanley (and I like their version of Lolli Pop by Lil' Wayne so much more!) so I made some icons of them (Mmm, Nixon) and there are variations of 'em, too. Enjoy!

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17: The Beatles
18: Queen
14: The Adventures of Tintin
4: Raiders of the Lost Ark
3: Watchmen
3: Watership Down
2: Beetlejuice
3: stock
2: art (Michelangelo; Salvador Dali)

3: The Beatles
1: The Adventures of Tintin

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