February 11th, 2009

Liz - white dress
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[22] LOST icons (5x04 - The Little Prince)
[26] Battlestar Galactica icons (4x14 - Blood on the Scales)
[11] Grey's Anatomy icons (Dr. Virginia Dixon) (5x14 - Beat Your Heart Out)
[12] Dances With Wolves icons (Stands With A Fist)
[8] For All Time icons (Laura Brown)



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[01/11] Atonement animated
[12/25] Ed Westwick
[26/34] Leighton Meester
[35/47] Gossip Girl animated
[48/50] Gossip Girl
[51/55] James Franco
[56/58] Kristen Stewart
[59/61] RPattz&KStew
[62/70] Robert Pattinson
[71/90] Twilight & Cast
[91/93] Twilight BANNER
[94/95] RPatzz BANNER


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[o22] Watchmen (The Comedian, Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, The Silk Spectre)
[o11] X-Men Origin: Wolverine (Wolverine)
[oo8] The Dark Knight (The Joker)
[oo5] Johnny Depp
[oo4] Gary Oldman
[oo1] Heath Ledger
[oo3] Bob Dylan
[oo3] Edward Norton
[o10] Ralph Fiennes

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VD: DE tee 1

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movies: the village, the jacket, La Môme, Lucky Number Slevin, Rain Man, The Butterfly Effect
Actors/Actresses: Clemence Poesy, Eve Miles, Ed Westwick, Natalie Portman, Evangeline Lilly, Zooey Deschanel, Ashley Green, Gaspard Ulliel
tv: lost