February 8th, 2009

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icons :-)

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04 - thandie newton
73 - sex and the city: the movie
14 - sessilee lopez
10 - halle berry

you can find the rest (HERE).

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43 icons

- 21 marie antoinette
- 12 stock icons
- 10 text icons

1 2 3

I'm sorry but I had to close my journal, so it's friends only, to see the graphics you have to see that post > HERE

The post with the rest of the icons is here
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25x French icons - Amelie, Marie Antoinette & Emilie Simon

[01-05] Emilie Simon

[06-22] Amelie (Audrey Tautou)

[23-25] Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst)

This post has a decidedly French-theme; featuring French singer Emilie Simon, Amelie and Marie Antoinette. This entry is temporarily public, after a few days you will need to friend likeaflower to access the icons.

Please comment & credit likeaflower if you use any. Enjoy!


Red Riding Hood

Icons : The Tudors (9)

Icons : The Tudors (9)

Please, comment if you take icons.
I don't take requests, but i take suggestions, so, if you have suggestions about icons you'd like to see, please, comment in this entry at some_cramping. Thanks :)

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cut/icons @ some_cramping

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++08 Matthew Fox Evangeline Lilly (EW)
++24 Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart (Misc.)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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More h e r e

multifandom icons

[3] after school special {supernatural}
[12] family remains {supernatural}
[10] it's the great pumpkin sam winchester {supernatural}
[2] i know what you did last summer {supernatural}
[15] sex&violence {supernatural}
[6] tom welling
[16] scrubs {text|various}
[6] misc {supernatural|chuck|kristen bell}
[1] dean header
[1] tom welling header

more over here (:

JJ jensen ass guitar

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76 Supernatural Icons (Route 666, Heart, Shadow, Sex and Violence)
3 Jensen Ackles
2 Kim Manners
12 Stock

These are not bases. Do not add to them in any way without asking permission.
DON'T HOTLINK! or post elsewhere.
Comments are love - I love to know what 'works'. :)
Credit if you take any.

Screencaps thanks to raloria & marishna 


This way!


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&Credit fakeopal or http://bloodletting.skylineillusions.net
&Don't edit, none are bases

This is my first post here so please tell me if I screwed something up

Supernatural, BtVS, Terminator: TSCC and Torchwood

rest of icons are here